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Valentina Culaciati

Volleyball, R-Freshman

"Because of you, I was able to move from Argentina to here, and get an amazing education but even a little more important to me, an amazing new team and coaches that are already my family. Thank you so much for your support! Go Monarchs!"

Football Parking



Changes to the Red Garage

  • Due to high demand and a new luxury club, the Red Garage will be reserved for premium seating ticket holders only. This includes the PNC Gridiron Club, the Priority Automotive Club, and all Luxury Suites.

• For fans who do not wish to tailgate but would like to receive a garage pass instead, the Yellow garage is available for all ODAF members.

• Due to changes in tailgate lots and membership structure, all parking spots are subject to change and will be determined by giving level and priority points. The ODAF encourages all donors to make a parking request.


2020 ODAF Football Parking

To receive a parking space for 2020, you must submit a parking request form.


Lot Name Projected Donation
Silver $7,500+
Black & Grey $5,500+
Orange, Teal & Purple $2,500+
Blue, Burgundy, Pink $1,500+
Gold $1,000+
White $500+
Brown & Monarch Village   $100+



Q: How and when is tailgate parking allocated?
A: Parking is allocated based on your 2020 Because of You donation level and then by priority points within each level. Please submit your parking request at

Q: If I meet the projected donation level, am I guaranteed a space in my requested lot?
A: Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the projected gift amount will equate to a spot in that parking area. In order to make sure you are happy with your assigned spot, the ODAF suggests that each member utilizes all three options on the parking request form.

Q: If I park with a group, how are we allocated?
A: In an effort to be fair to our membership, parking will be allocated based on the donor with the lowest membership level.

Q: If I do not want to tailgate, but would like to receive a garage parking pass, can I do so?
A: Yes, members that do not wish to tailgate can request a pass for the Yellow Garage. The Yellow Garage is open to all ODAF Members.

Q: If I have more than 4 tickets, can I purchase an additional parking pass?
A: Yes. If an individual is at the $500 level or above they can purchase one additional Yellow Garage pass for $50.

Q: Do I have to have my pledge paid in full to receive my parking pass for the 2019 season?
A: ODU Football parking is allocated based on your 2020 ODAF Membership level. To receive your parking pass you must have either paid your pledge in full or set up a payment plan prior to August 1st.

Q: How can I park in the Red Garage?
A: The Red Garage is reserved for season ticket holders in the PNC Gridiron Club, Priority Automotive Club, and luxury suites.


The RV Lot will remain in the White Lot located by the Sailing Center for the 2020 football season.  While spots will not be specifically assigned, there will be a designated area for RV's. In addition to having a designated area, all RV's will be able to check in five (5) hours prior to kickoff.