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The Old Dominion Athletic Foundation, commonly referred to as the ODAF, was established in 1964 with the mission to provide the resources necessary for the success of Old Dominion Athletics and our student-athletes. The ODAF is the channel through which our fans and alumni can partner with our coaches and student-athletes for the advancement of the athletics program.

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In August of 2017 ODU President, John Broderick, announced a fundraising initiative for Old Dominion University.  As a part of the university wide initiative, the Old Dominion Athletic Foundation was tasked with raising $40,000,000 in support of ODU Athletics and our student-athletes. Thanks to our committed supporters, we have surpassed our goal!

In 2021, our goal is to further focus on our student-athletes. Our yearly mission is to fundraise 45% of our annual scholarship bill. This year that number stands at $4,300,000. Our unrestricted Annual Fund helps to cover this amount along with premium seating revenues. Your annual gift is critical to our success in providing championship resources in the classroom, in athletic competition and in life. Follow our progress below and thank you for supporting ODU Athletics!


Because of you, we create winners in the classroom, in athletic competition, and in life!

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January 20 - $31,666
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Donor Spotlight

Meet Randall Crutchfield!

Why do you support ODU Athletics and its student-athletes?

I’ll try not to make a long story seem endless. There are several answers to this question, not the least of which is that my wife was a Division I volleyball player (Go Irish!). Hearing about the opportunities afforded to her and her teammates and what they have been able to do with those opportunities in their years since leaving Notre Dame has reinforced the importance of that experience to me. Capitalizing on being in a position to contribute to a similar experience for today’s student-athletes is a way of paying that forward for our family. Also, I believe my time at Carolina forged so many great memories and friendships centered around athletics and sporting events, that supporting college athletics is ingrained in me a this point – I really don’t think there is a way to pay that debt off, but why not try?
So, bringing that sentiment to ODU and its student-athletes, I think that lifelong locals of the area see ODU as part of the heartbeat of the region. Also, being a local has allowed me to watch how the entire athletics department has grown over the past couple of decades. If you step back and view the donations as an investment, you can see the physical manifestations of those investments over time through the Constant Center/Chartway Arena, SB Ballard Stadium, L.R. Hill and the Mitch. And along with those physical structures, there are coaches, trainers, administrators and the faculty and staff at the university who are using those buildings (and the academic buildings on campus) to build tomorrow’s leaders. I think that that part is easy to overlook in the day-to-day, but ODU is really a source of positive change for our region. 

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