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Kyle Battle

Baseball, Senior

"Because of you, I can continue to pursue my dreams on and off the field while representing ODU's historic baseball program. I will use this opportunity to leave a positive impact on the ODU community and strive for positive change in the future."

Donor Spotlight

Name: Patrick Walsh 

Are you an alumnus of ODU?

  • Class of ’06.

What is your favorite memory of ODU Athletics?

  • My favorite memory of ODU Athletics is hands down the ODU Men’s Basketball overtime win against VCU at the Richmond Coliseum to claim the 2004-2005 CUSA Championship.  Any win over VCU feels good, but this one was special.  Coach Blaine Taylor and players like Alex Loughton, Arnaud Dahi, Isaiah Hunter, Drew Williamson and Valdas Vasylius put ODU on the map and created an environment on campus that was electric. 

Why do you support ODU Athletics and its student-athletes?

  • I support ODU athletics and student athletes because of memories like the one I mentioned before. There are countless games and experiences that will stay with me forever and will continue to relive with my ODU friends for years to come. These players give everything they have on and off the field/court that provide the fans with amazing memories.  Regardless of wins and losses, I believe we owe our support to our student athletes for their dedication to our school and community. 

What do you like most about ODU as a whole?

  • What I like most about ODU is the grit our athletes, staff, students, alums, and fans embody. We are a mid-major school from Norfolk, VA. We will always be looked at as the underdog and the fans and community have embraced that mentality. But, never underestimate the underdog. 

What makes you the most proud of ODU?

  • The thing that makes me most proud of ODU is that even though I graduated back in 2006, ODU has never grown complacent.  Whether it is in academics or on the field, ODU wants to be the best. They continue to grow their academic and athletic programs as well as their reach in the Norfolk community. 

If you could describe ODU in one word, what word would it be and why?

  • Pride. There has not been a single day in which I haven’t been proud to wear the navy and gray.  I love being an alum and part of the Old Dominion community.  This is home.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? 

  • Graduates and business leaders in the community all have ways in which they can give back to ODU and ODU Athletics.  The first thought for most people is that it must be a financial contribution.  As a business owner of Metro Productions, I have been able to donate to the ODAF through video, motion graphics and other media resources to help promote and market the foundation.  Donate your abilities, resources, and time.  It does not always have to come from your back pocket.