kennett head shot kennett head shot

Riley Kennett

Women's Soccer

"Because of you, I am given an amazing opportunity to play the sport I love! We appreciate everything you do and your support doesn’t go unnoticed!"

Strategic Plan

Central to the development of the Athletics Strategic Plan were the seven institutional Strategic Goals included in the Old Dominion University Strategic Plan. The seven strategic Goals included:

  1. Reaffirm ODU Athletics' Mission, Vision and Core Values.
  2. Ensure alignment of Athletics' Mission, Vision and Core Values, priorities, and initiative with those of the greater University.
  3. Identify the priorities, goals, and specific objectives that will enable ODU Athletics to fulfill its Mission and achieve its Vision.
  4. Identify specific initiatives that will be implemented to assist ODU in reaching its goals and objectives.
  5. Provide a management and planning tool for the Director of Athletics and Athletics Staff.
  6. Provide an analysis of Title IX compliance to serve as a basis for the development of a Title IX compliance plan which will be included in the Athletics Strategic Plan.
  7. Enable and foster effective decision-making within the University and, especially, within the Department of Athletics, with a common understanding of Departmental priorities, objectives, and initiatives.


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