Name: Letitia Lyons Watson

ODU Graduation Year: 2007 B.S. 2008 M.S.

Current Profession: OB/Gyn Physician in the US Air Force

What has the last month been like for you?

Very interesting. I assumed leadership of the entire Women's Health Clinic at Joint Base Andrews right as the COVID pandemic was escalating in the US so my learning curve has been steep. I've had to collaborate with other leaders in my clinic and chain of command to create new, safer means of providing patient care while taking care to ensure my fellow colleagues and support staff are safe. Additionally, due to my unique position as an Air Force officer and physician, I've had to take more 24-hour hospital calls due to some of my colleagues being deployed to help fight COVID at other locations.

What can people do to help support essential workers?

Follow the CDC guidance regarding face masks, social distancing, etc.

Are there tips from your organization to help everyone stay safe?

Same as above and please...WASH YOUR HANDS and wipe down commonly used areas regularly!

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