Kiah Thomas


ODU Graduation Year:



Current Profession:

-CFD Senior Fire Fighter/EMT 

-Columbia, S.C.


What has the last couple of weeks been like for you? 

-These last couple weeks have been a roller coaster ride to say the least. These times are challenging for all of us. This shift in daily living & creature comforts shook my  world & disrupted our “normal”! Initially, while our mode of operating as first responders remained tentative, constant adjusting was required! Concerns for our health & well being took top priority, as well as our families safety, both immediate & extended. Both national & local leadership have taken control over our approach to this issue. Although Covid-19 numbers rise, the potential exposure to this deadly virus has decreased. Reason being, community support and work place camaraderie have become the new norm. Certain Safety practices and Personal Protective Equipemt (PPE) have also become essential. What was once chaotic uncertainty, is settling into an opportunity for inner peace, clarity & personal growth. In the face of adversity, Constant Progress is now our Mission! 


What can people do to help support essential workers?

-By continuing to follow the direction of our state and local officials, we will collectively fight and combat the spread of this global pandemic. Take time out to educate yourselves on the enemy at hand. Social media is a powerful tool and a great way to learn, as well as send good energy/encouragement to all essential workers. Our mental health & well being will depend on giving and receiving support from 1 to another, during this front line battle and even long after. The “Essential” umbrella must cover everyone from hospital/healthcare employees, mail carries, sanitation workers & everyone in between. Offering them a small gesture of any kind will go a long way! 


Are there any tips from your organization to help everyone stay safe? 

-I must echo a common, yet simple theme many of us have heard before.... STAY HOME! At all cost, stay home, shelter in place and only go out if and when Necessary! And if so, maintain a safe social distance, wash hands often and be mindful of cross contamination. Temporary isolation and avoidance of human interaction will bring us closer to victory over the Corona Virus and allow a safe return back to our daily routines in a higher quality of life! Together, We Will Overcome and Place this invisible bully behind us for good! 

God Speed.