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Maggie Simmermacher

Women's Golf, Alumni

"I wouldn't be studying abroad while playing golf if it wasn't for the incredible opportunities ODAF members give to student-athletes. Their unconditional support is the key for all my achievements. Because of you, I can just say thank you and enjoy my ride as a Monarch!"

Priority Points System

The goal of the ODAF Priority Point System is to achieve an equitable distribution of benefits. The intent of our system is to reward loyalty and support, while enabling new donors to acquire appropriate benefits in recognition of their financial support of the ODAF's scholarship fund.

The Priority Point System is used to determine priority when allocating seat assignments at home, away, neutral and postseason games, parking, seating improvements and other special athletic events and activities.


Priority points are awarded based on contributions to the ODAF, and are only active with an annual minimum gift to the ODAF of $100. The chart below shows how our priority points are calculated.

Season Tickets Purchased (Current Year) x2
Consecutive Years of ODAF Membership x2
Consecutive Years Season Tickets* x2
Cumulative Lifetime Giving - ODAF x.02
Current Year ODAF Gift
Unrestricted x.15
Restricted x.08
Enhancement x.08
Power of the Pride +25 per referral
110% Club (current year) +10

*Includes voucher book purchases


Big Blue has purchased two football and two men's basketball season tickets for two consecutive years. Big Blue has also been a member of the ODAF for two consecutive years, donating $500 unrestricted each year for a total of $1,000. He was also able to sign up his good friend Charles to join the ODAF at $100. This would give Big Blue 136 priority points broken down below: 

Season Tickets Purchased (Current Year) 4 x 2=8
Consecutive Years of ODAF Membership 2 x 2=4
Consecutive Years Season Tickets* 2 x 2=4
Cumulative Lifetime ODAF Gift 1,000 x .02=20
Current Year ODAF Gift
Unrestricted 500 x .15=75
Restricted none x .08=0
Enhancement none x .08=0
Power of the Pride +25 per referral
Total: 136 priority points