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Jacob Cobb

Swimming, Sophomore

"Because of you, I am able to be apart of a program that not only allows us to train and compete, but provides us the assistance and tools to be successful in the classroom and in our future careers."


ODAF Membership Structure




*The ODAF and Old Dominion University are not tax professionals and this information is not official tax advice. Please consult your tax adviser regarding the tax deductibility of gifts made to the Old Dominion Athletic Foundation.


In December of 2017, the government passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  Included in this legislation was a provision regarding the tax deductibility of gifts made to an institution of higher education for the rights to purchase tickets for seating at an athletic event in an athletic stadium of such institution.  In prior years, the IRS allowed for individuals to deduct 80% of their contribution if that donation gave them the opportunity to purchase tickets for intercollegiate athletics events.  This bill removes the 80% charitable deduction for such gifts.

In an effort to protect the charitable deduction for gifts made to the Old Dominion Athletic Foundation (ODAF) that are made with philanthropic intent, the ODAF will make adjustments to our membership policies and our priority point system.

Beginning in January of 2019, the ODAF will separate payments into two broad categories:

  • ODAF Seat Membership – In the renovated SB Ballard Stadium at Foreman Field, the ODAF will create specific donation amounts for particular stadium seats. This membership will be above and beyond the cost of the season ticket and will vary depending on the location of the seat. Due to the new tax bill, these payments will not be tax deductible.


  • Because of You Gifts – These philanthropic gifts will be above and beyond the ODAF Seat Membership and will be 100% tax deductible less the value of benefits received. Because of You Gifts will be eligible for exclusive annual benefits as described on the ODAF Because of You Benefits chart. 


Priority Point Formula*

Season Tickets Purchased  x  2

ODAF Because of You Gift  x  .15

ODAF Sport Specific/Restricted Gift x .08

Consecutive Years of ODAF Membership  x  2

Consecutive Years as Season Ticket Holder  x  2

Lifetime Total ODAF Giving  x  .02


New Member Referral  +  25 per Referral

110% Club Because of You Donation  + 10

*Please note that ODAF Members will retain all of their previously acquired Priority Points 


ODAF "Because of You" Benefits Chart



Q: Is the ODAF Seat Membership tax-deductible?

  • A: Due to the new tax bill, the ODAF Seat Membership is not tax-deductible.

Q: Does the ODAF Seat Membership guarantee that I have the rights to purchase those same seats each year?

  • A: From year to year, each season ticket holder will have the rights to their same season tickets as long as they renew their season tickets and make the corresponding ODAF Seat Membership payment.

Q: Does my ODAF Seat Membership payment count towards my annual benefits?

  • A: Due to the language in the new tax bill, the ODAF Seat Membership will not count towards your ODAF Because of You Benefits.

Q: What will my ODAF Seat Membership be used for?

  • A: Seat membership payments will be used to support our over 450 ODU Student-Athletes

Q: When will I make my ODAF Seat Membership payment?

  • A: During the football seat selection process in June, you will make your seat membership payment based on the seats that you select during the seat selection process.

Q: Do I have to make a Because of You donation to purchase season tickets for ODU Football and ODU Basketball?

  • A: It is not required to make a Because of You donation, to purchase ODU Football or ODU Basketball tickets. However, making a Because of You donation will help to improve your ODAF Priority Point Ranking.

Q: How will my priority parking be allocated for ODU Football and ODU Basketball?

  • A: ODU Football and ODU Basketball parking will be allocated annually based on ODAF Because of You membership levels. For more information please see the ODAF parking page.

Q: Will the ODAF require Seat Membership payments for ODU Basketball?

  • A: At this time the ODAF will only implement the seat membership payment for ODU Football.