ODU Athletics FAQs

Old Dominion University has announced that it will not compete in fall sports in 2020. This document is designed to address the most common questions.

Why is ODU not going to compete in fall sports?

The decision was made by President John R. Broderick in consultation with the Board of Visitors, medical and health experts, and state and local officials in the best interest of the health and welfare of players, coaches, fans, staff and the greater Hampton Roads community. Many NCAA institutions have also announced they will not sponsor fall sports.

“We concluded that the season – between competition and travel – posed too great a risk for our student-athletes,” President Broderick said. “I know many on and off campus will be disappointed, but our primary concern is the health and safety of our student-athletes, as well as our coaches and athletics staff and fans.”

Will the fall sports teams play in the spring?

While this has been discussed at a conference and national level, the NCAA and conference championships are still scheduled for the fall. The decision at ODU was made regardless of whether the sports would shift to the spring. ODU will continue to monitor and participate in those discussions.

Does this impact basketball?

This decision applies to fall sports competition. No decision has been made on winter sports, which include men’s and women’s swimming and men’s and women’s basketball.

How will the 2020 football season ticket holders be impacted?

ODU football season ticket holders will be contacted this week and asked to select one of three options: credit their ticket and seat membership payment toward the 2021 season, transfer their payment into a tax-deductible contribution to the Old Dominion Athletic Foundation or receive a full refund.

Athletic Director Selig is encouraging ODU fans to turn their payments into donations, if they can afford to.

 “We’re asking those who can help us to please do so,” he said. “Donations will be used to pay for scholarships for all of our athletes.

“Our fans have been so generous and loyal to us through the years. But we need their help this year more than ever.”

All fans who purchased season tickets for the inaugural season in S.B. Ballard Stadium in 2019 can reclaim their seats and locations in 2021 regardless of whether they purchased tickets for the 2020 season.

Also, ODAF will award double Priority Points on all unrestricted cash gifts in the 2020 calendar year. These funds will be used to help pay the approximately $4.2 million in scholarship aid that ODAF will provide to student-athletes in the 2020-21 school year. If ticket holders donate the value of their season tickets, they will qualify for this double point promotion

Will home games scheduled with Virginia and Wake Forest this season be rescheduled in the future?

Selig said he and Senior Associate Athletic Director Bruce Stewart are working with both Virginia and Wake Forest to maintain their contracted two-game series with ODU. Selig urges fans to regularly check the www.odusports.com website for updates on football scheduling and all other ODU sports news.