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Ray Lawry

Football, Junior

"Because of you, I was able to receive a scholarship and play in front of the best fans in college football."



Exhibit Fairness

As the ODAF continues to grow, reseating allows members to receive seat
assignments that are consistent with their giving level and lifetime support. By
using a priority point system, the ODAF is able to reward long-time supporters
and encourage annual contributions.

Reward Loyalty

The ODAF uses a Priority Point System to assign rankings to all members.
Priority points are awarded based on current contributions, years of
membership, season ticket purchases and referrals. By combining all elements,
the ODAF is able to reward our most loyal fans.

Increase Support for ODU Athletics

ODU Athletics is experiencing unprecedented success. In an effort to ensure that
we continue on our rise to national prominence, we must continue to provide our
athletic programs with the resources necessary to succeed.


Why does ODAF reseat?

How does the reseating process work?

How can I improve my seat selection time?

How do I go about selecting seats with a group?

Does the reseating affect parking?

When will the next reseating take place?

What happens if I have both Men’s and Women’s Basketball tickets?

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Because of You

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