Football Parking


In 2016 the ODAF will be implementing a new parking request format and timeline. The reason for the change is to provide our fans every opportunity to acquire the football parking spot they desire. To assist our fans in obtaining their desired parking location, the ODAF will update the projected donation amount chart on this page throughout the renewal process.

The new parking request period will run from April 4th to May 2nd. Following the closing of the request period, the ODAF will make a final update to the projected donation amounts for our fans to view. At this point in time, those who find themselves below the projected donation level will have the opportunity to make an additional donation starting May 16th and ending May 20th.

For fans who do not wish to tailgate, but would like to receive a garage pass instead, there are two options for 2016. ODAF members at the $2,000 level and above can request a Red Garage pass, while members below the $2,000 donation level can request a Yellow Garage pass. To submit your 2016 parking request, please visit

Lot Name Silver Black Teal Blue Beige, Green, Orange, Pink Gold Brown, White, Monarch Village
Projected Donation $7,500+ $5,500+ $3,000+ $1,750+ $1,250+ $1,000+ $500+


Frequently Asked Parking Questions


Q: How is tailgate parking allocated every season?

A: Parking is allocated based on your 2016 ODAF membership level and then by priority points within each level. The parking request period will open on April 4th and close on May 2nd.


Q: If I meet the projected donation level, am I guaranteed a space in my requested lot?

A: For 2016, the ODAF will provide the most up-to-date projected donation amount for each lot based on gifts received throughout the renewal process, but there is no guarantee that the projected gift amount will equate to a spot in that parking lot.


Q: If I park with a group, how are we allocated?

A: In an effort to be fair to our membership, parking will be allocated based on the donor with the lowest membership level.


Q: If I do not want to tailgate, but just would like to receive a garage parking pass, can I do so?

A: Yes, members at the $2,000 level and above can forgo their tailgate benefit and request a Red Garage pass. Members below the $2,000 donation level can request a Yellow Garage pass.


Q: If I have more than four (4) tickets, can I purchase an additional parking pass?

A: Yes, please reference the ODAF Benefits Chart to determine if you are eligible to purchase. An additional parking pass is $50. To puchase an additional garage parking pass, please visit CLICK HERE.


Q: Do I have to have my pledge paid in full to receive my parking pass for the 2016 season?

A: ODU Football parking is allocated based on your 2016 ODAF Membership level. To receive your parking pass, you must have either paid your pledge in full or set up a payment plan prior to August 1.


Q: If I lose my parking pass, may I get a replacement pass?

A: If you lose your parking pass, you will be able to purchase a replacement parking pass for $25.


RV Parking

The RV Lot will remain in the White Lot located by the Sailing Center for the 2016 football season.  While spots will not be specifically assigned, there will be a designated area for RV's. In addition to having a designated area, all RV's will be able to check in five (5) hours prior to kickoff.