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Ray Lawry

Football, Senior

"Because of you, I was able to receive a scholarship and play in front of the best fans in college football."

Ways to Give


Visit www.OldDominionAF.com to register your account and see where you stand at all times. With this new system, you have the ability to change all account information, make and track payments, and see where you rank on the ODAF Priority Point list 24 hours a day.



Most gifts to the ODAF take this form and it's as easy as writing a check or using your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. Checks should be made payable to the Old Dominion Athletic Foundation. Payment plan options are available; please contact the ODAF office for additional information.


ODU Faculty / Staff please contact the ODAF if you are interested in the convenience of payroll deduction to make your gift.


You may eliminate paying capital gains tax and receive an income tax charitable deduction for gifts of long-term appreciated securities.


Gifts of goods or services can be of great financial assistance to the Athletic Department while offering the donor a tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift. Please consult your tax advisor and contact the ODAF for further information.


Many companies will match your contribution to the ODAF. Submit your company's matching gift form with your contribution and it can significantly increase your support and associated giving level.

Per IRS Publication 526, the IRS 80/20 Rule relating to charitable contributions from which a donor receives or expects to receive benefits (the right to purchase parking passes, priority seating for events, etc.) must also be applied to the matching gift claims as well. If benefits are related to a ODAF contribution, the matching claim could only be submitted for 80% or the portion of the contribution, which is considered truly charitable and tax deductible. Please make note of this IRS policy when considering your ODAF contribution.


Remember a friend or a loved one with memorial gifts to the ODAF.


You may donate through will provisions, life insurance, and other bequests. Estate gifts may be made by donating a designated amount, a real estate asset or making a residual bequest. If you are interested in including ODU in your Estate Plans, please contact our ODAF staff.


While it is generally permissible for donors to direct gifts to the Old Dominion Athletic Foundation through donor advised funds (DAFs), there are restrictions imposed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that impact certain types of DAF contributions, including those to support the ODAF.

Importantly, a donor may support the ODAF through a DAF gift if the donor declines all benefits that would otherwise be provided as a result of the gift. These gifts are directed to the ODAF fund that provides unrestricted support for ODU Athletics but is not related to the ODAF membership. The potential consequences of receiving impermissible benefits include jeopardizing the tax-exempt status of the entity maintaining the DAF and imposing significant excise taxes on the donor and/or their family member.

One of the impermissible benefits for a donor or family member to receive as a result of a gift made through a DAF is the right to purchase athletics tickets. Gifts to the ODAF at all membership levels provide member courtesies, including the opportunity to purchase tickets. Therefore, neither the ODAF nor ODU Athletics may accept a gift made through a DAF for an ODAF membership, even if the donor ultimately chooses not to purchase the tickets

If the donor also wishes to become a member of the ODAF, a separate, non-DAF gift may be provided, in which the donor may receive the corresponding benefits. 

To learn more about supporting ODU Athletics, please call 757-683-6963. For specific information regarding your legal or tax situation, please consult your own professional advisor.