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Ray Lawry

Football, Junior

"Because of you, I was able to receive a scholarship and play in front of the best fans in college football."

Donor Spotlight


Name: Bea and Brad Burton (children: Quinn 5 years old and River 1 year old)

Are you alumni of ODU? Brad graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice in 2004, Bea graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education in 2008 and a Master’s Degree in Special Education in 2011. Brad is currently enrolled at ODU pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

What is your favorite memory of ODU Athletics? Oh there are so many; but we will give you our top three! The 2009 football home opener – I am pretty sure I cried. The beginning of the game – the guys running on the field, the planes flying over – I mean how could you not get emotional. Our trip to St. Thomas to watch the Paradise Jam in 2010. Not only did we have a great time with other ODU fans, we won the tournament! The CAA tournament was always a great time, but our favorite moment had to have been the comeback victory over VCU in the championship in 2011. What a game!

Why do you support ODU Athletics and its student-athletes? We support ODU student-athletes because we feel that they are a big representation of the school. I mean let’s be honest – the better your athletic program is, the better the school will be!

What do you like most about ODU as a whole? We love how ODU is growing – every time we come back to campus we get jealous and wish we were back in school.

What makes you the most proud of ODU? There are a lot of great schools in Virginia, for many years ODU has not been ranked high in many areas – but in the past five years ODU has become the place to be. Who would have thought we would be playing VT in football five years ago?! We are very proud to call ourselves Monarchs, Monarchs for Life!

If you could describe ODU in one word, what word would it be and why? Home – if we are not at our actual home, we are at ODU! Also – if it wasn’t for ODU, we would not be where we are today. We wouldn’t have the job opportunities, we wouldn’t have the lifestyle and we wouldn’t have each other. #odulovestory

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? We met at ODU in 2004 and ODU continues to be a big part of our life. We live only a few miles from the school and are on campus at least once a week; either for a sporting event, swim lessons for our daughter or to grab a bite to eat. We have only missed three football games since the beginning of football – that includes Bea going through two pregnancies during football season and even being over due at the Norfolk State vs. ODU playoff game in 2011 – and coming to a game less than two weeks after giving birth to our second child in 2015. There aren’t many home basketball games we miss either – and of course with children in tow.