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Dr. Louis Martinette


  •  Are you an alumnus of ODU? Yes, Class of 1975, College of Business
  •  What is your favorite memory of ODU Athletics? I have three favorite memories, all of which I was there for:

- Watching ODU Men’s Basketball team win the Division II National Championship in Evansville, Indiana in person.

- Watching Taylor Heinicke, at Foreman Field, break the NCAA single game passing record (730 yards completing 55 of 79 passes leading to five touchdowns, no interceptions, and rushing for 61 yards) against the nationally ranked University of New Hampshire.

-The SHOT!  When Trey Freeman hit that 30-foot shot to send us to the quarterfinals of the NIT The Ted exploded!

  •  Why do you support ODU Athletics and its student-athletes? I love competition and I love the way it prepares an individual for other challenges in life.  My impression of ODU is that we attempt to recruit, encourage, and sustain the individuals of exceptional character as student athletes.
  •  What do you like most about ODU as a whole? ODU is where I started my adult life.  At ODU, I learned how to learn and how to succeed on my own merit.  I learned from the example set by the early success of ODU athletics that an “upstart” can enjoy great success with commitment, planning, and proper execution. Most importantly, ODU professors held me to high academic standards and challenged me to think beyond conventional wisdom.  Those academic challenges from ODU continue to inform my approach to teaching as a member of Business Faculty at the University of Mary Washington.
  • What makes you the most proud of ODU? As an institution, ODU has evolved into a world-class university that has managed to maintain its identity as a contributing member of the Hampton Roads community.    ODU serves the country, the world, and it’s home in the area surrounding Norfolk.
  •  If you could describe ODU in one word, what word would it be and why? “Family,” because ODU is home for me (15 minutes from where I grew up) even though I live in Richmond.
  •  Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? Keeping with the theme of family, four other ODAF supporters, Terry Rivenbark (ODU 1974), Clarke Guilliams (ODU 1975), and Bruce Cooke (ODU 1975), and Jim Ducibella teamed with me to establish an athletic scholarship for our late friend and (supporter of ODU Athletics) Tom Garrett (ODU BS and Masters in Education). 

    Tom was the epitome of an ODU athletics fan and supporter in terms of his      commitment to and love for the university from all perspectives.  Throughout his career Tom Garrett served as an adjunct professor of education at ODU while working for the City of Portsmouth in special education.  During his retirement, Tom co-authored two books relating to ODU sports history.  I would like to add that anyone who knew Tom should feel free to designate a donation to ODAF no matter how small or large, to this scholarship so that it can be fully funded sooner rather than later.