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Warren Snead

Warren Snead


Are you an alumnus of ODU? No

What is your favorite memory of ODU Athletics?  My favorite memory of ODU Athletics would have to be the C-USA tournament run the basketball team made this past winter. Even though we came up short in the final, I think their performance reflected the potential and spirit of the team. It also helped build momentum for a Vegas 16 championship which was a great way to end the season and send off the senior players.

Why do you support ODU Athletics and its student-athletes? I support ODU Athletics because of the role Old Dominion plays in bringing people together in the Tidewater area. ODU’s past and future success give everyone in the region a team to get behind whether or not they’ve been a fan since birth or just the last few years.

What do you like most about ODU as a whole? My favorite thing about ODU as a whole is the community feel. Although ODU is one of the largest schools in Virginia, fans get to know coaches, athletes, and staff on a personal level which makes it that much easier to feel connected to the University.

What makes you the most proud of ODU? As a football fan, it is remarkable to see the growth of the football program over the past seven years. To go from an independent FCS school to the C-USA in this short time is an incredible feat that is a testament to the players, coaches, fans, and University administration.

If you could describe ODU in one word, what word would it be and why? Passion,  I believe ODU is one of the few schools in the country who consistently meets or exceeds their expectations in the classroom and on the field. From my perspective, this can be partly attributed to the dedication of the coaches and players as well as the passion from the fans. The energy and excitement among the fans, athletes, and ODU athletic staff before games rivals, and often surpasses, that of larger programs.