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Carlton Bennett and Beth Spreder

Carlton Bennett and Beth Spreder

Are you an alumnus of ODU?
       Carlton graduated from ODU with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in history. I (Beth) received my paralegal certificate from ODU.

What is your favorite memory of ODU Athletics?
         In 2010, Carlton and I traveled to New Orleans to watch the men's basketball team successfully compete in the NCAA Regional Tournament, upsetting Notre Dame in the first round.

Why do you support ODU athletics and its student-athletes?
        Carlton believes in giving back to an institution that was very supportive of him as an undergraduate.

What do you like most about ODU as a whole?
ODU continues to provide the best educational product for an affordable tuition.

What makes you most proud of ODU?
      Our alumni and their support for the student athletes.

If you could describe ODU in one word, what word would it be and why?
        Competitive because the student athletes compete for the best academics and they compete to win.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
        We try to attend every football and basketball game that we possibly can, both home and away.