Donor Spotlight

Joe and Barbara Maggiore

Joe & Barbara Maggiore

Are you an alumnus of ODU?
  Yes - BSMET 77, MBA 78, MEM 01

What is your favorite memory of ODU Athletics?
   Working for Joe Law SID, with Carol Hudson as assistants in the old Sports Information office near the swimming pool 1970-78. One of my assignments was to do the official NCAA stats or play-by-play with David Willett who typed over 100 wpm. But, one time Joe Law sent me to Philadelphia Textile because they did not have a stat crew and no one else from the Sports Information Office could make it there. So my wife and I did the stats with my 4 year old daughter's assistance (Michelle). After the game, Wilson Washington attempted do put her inside the net for a photo opportunity but she was too frightened to complete the shot. The memory that keeps on giving - meeting with Ed Fraim every year as he challenged me to continue my support and how that professionalism continues today through Jena Virga, Casey Cegles and others in the Development office.

Why do you support ODU athletics and its student-athletes/what makes you the most proud of ODU?
   I don't know how the student-athletes juggle their hours to accomplish their studies and athletic performance - so every little bit of help and support is put to good use. Also, the great work that Marty Bradley, his staff and the student trainers do to keep ODU student athletes in tip-top shape is making a big difference. Of course, I am going to say that because my son Joseph graduated from that program in '01.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
   We have been basketball Season ticket holders from 1985. We also had season tickets prior to 1985 - in the Field House from 1971 thru the first years at Norfolk's Scope until 1978, but then we moved to Dearborn Michigan to work for Ford Motor Company, so 78 - 84 we only got to see road games - Purdue (NIT), UCLA (NCAA), and the Lady Monarchs two years in a row at the AIAW National Championships in Greensboro, NC and Mt Pleasant, MI as well as the Detroit Coca Cola Classic.