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Bryan and Lori Dingus

Bryan and Lori Dingus

Are you an alumnus of ODU?
         My wife and I both graduated from Old Dominion University in 1986.

What is your favorite memory of ODU Athletics?
            Until just recently, my favorite ODU memory was what I considered the "shot heard around the world." I am referring to Billy Mann stealing an inbounds pass and scoring with seconds left to beat then undefeated and #1 ranked DePaul on January 10, 1981. My new favorite moment, as I suspect is most of ODU's faithful as well, is Trey Freeman making that buzzer beater to send our Monarchs to the 2015 NIT Final Four.

Why do you support ODU athletics and its student-athletes?
          Old Dominion University is my University. I was honored to have had the opportunity to attend this fine institution. I feel it is my obligation to give something back to ODU and supporting ODU athletics is just one way I can do that.

What do you like most about ODU as a whole?
I like the fact that ODU puts education first and athletics second. This is evident in the high graduation rate of our student athletes. We are obviously recruiting student athletes who also put their education first and foremost over their athletic abilities.

What makes you most proud of ODU?
       I am most proud of ODU for continuing to grow as an educational institution. I have three children who will all be attending ODU and I am pleased to know that the education they will receive will be from one of the most advanced curriculums offered in the state of Virginia.

If you could describe ODU in one word, what word would it be and why?
          That word would probably be "stimulating." This could refer to the educational advancments ODU keeps developing as well as the athletic achievements that all of our sports programs continue to accumulate.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
          I met my wife at ODU, my oldest daughter is Captain of the ODU Cheer Squad, and my two youngest children are preparing for the day they can call ODU their own. I have a lot to be thankful for regarding Old Dominion University!