Donor Spotlight

Bay -creek




Scott Clingan


 Are you an alumnus of ODU? No.

 What is your favorite memory  of ODU Athletics? Hearing my 5 year old and 2 year old  boys chanting “O-D-U” en route to a game (and whenever they see a basketball court or football field), searching for Big Blue, and insisting that they wear their ODU shirts and beads

 Why do you support ODU athletics and its student-athletes? My father was a Division II basketball coach, so I was immersed in college athletics growing up.  I witnessed firsthand the value and importance of investing in individual student-athletes, and the character building gained through success and adversity.

 What do you like most about ODU as a whole?  As a father to three boys, I wanted my children to have the experience of growing up going to collegiate sporting events and seeing teamwork in action.   My wife and I grew up on Tobacco Road and the ACC, so once we relocated to Hampton Roads, it was nice to have a Division I school close by to support.    

 If you could describe ODU in one word, what word would it be and why? Exciting – Who could forget ODU’s first Conference USA football game at Rice in 2014, winning as time expired, Trey Freeman’s 30-foot running, banked shot at the buzzer to beat Murray State in the NIT quarterfinals last year, or men’s basketball snapping Louisiana Tech’s 39 game home winning streak this season?

What makes you the most proud of ODU? ODU truly seems committed to its student-athletes and the notion of emphasizing academics.  The fact that ODU led all Conference USA members in number of student-athletes on the Commissioner’s Honor Roll this spring is nothing less than impressive.